A file browsing stamina boost

HighTop is the most convenient way to work with favorite local folders, Google Drive™️, or Dropbox™️.

Get more done with minimal learning curve and tight macOS integration.

Avoid hunting for Finder windows, digging up a buried Desktop, or loading up a browser tab.

Google Drive and Dropbox access like no other

Instantly see what's in your cloud with zero setup. Just link your accounts.

Log into multiple accounts and drag and drop to upload, download, or move files.

Files are accessed securely and directly using official libraries. No servers in the middle handle your data, and no user data is collected by the app.

Menu bar or window, your choice

Easily tear away the menu bar view into a regular macOS window. In window mode, you have the Dock icon.

Drag your files to either the menu bar icon or the Dock icon to bring them to your HighTop folders.