HighTop Privacy Policy

What information is collected?

No information is collected by the HighTop app, nor on this website.

When purchased directly, the company we use to handle transactions, Paddle, does a small amount of purchase verification to make sure that transactions go smoothly. Information necessary regarding Paddle transactions is displayed as needed by Paddle.

Even though no information is collected by HighTop, you'll want to make sure you agree with Google Drive or Dropbox privacy policies before accessing their respective services through HighTop.

Does HighTop send any information sent to outside parties?


How is my sensitive information handled?

If you use HighTop to access Google Drive or Dropbox, your login OAuth2.0 tokens that are used to sign in to Google Drive and Dropbox are encrypted and securely stored in the macOS Keychain using libraries provided by Google and Dropbox. All Google Drive and Dropbox information is transferred securely using libraries provided by Google and Dropbox.

Changes to this privacy policy

If this policy changes, an updated policy will be posted on this page. Your privacy is top priority.